ChatGPT Powered News Trading tool

ChatGPT Smart News Analysis

Let our AI read news reports and instantly open trades, allowing you to open positions before the price has been impacted.

For the Bull and the Bear

Go long or short on bullish or bearish news. Secure large profits from adoptions, announcements and deregulation or hedge against catastrophic events. Whatever your outlook or risk appetite, BlackSwan AI works for you.

Fully Customizable Settings

Specify exactly which events you wish to trade on and open a position with exactly the size, leverage, direction and coin pair you desire.

Detailed Roadmap

Long-term development plan with a wide variety of features to manage and improve your trading, such as Twitter monitoring, Telegram alerts, stocks/commodities trading and more.


BlackSwan AI is a revolutionary trading tool allowing traders like you to profit from all possible eventualities and hedge against potential risks in the crypto markets by analyzing real-time news reports and instantaneously executing trades. BlackSwan AI uses the GPT-3 language model by OpenAI to assess news reports in real-time from numerous sources and determine if user-defined conditions have been met. Allowing traders like you to prepare for any events - bullish or bearish - you anticipate occuring and profit accordingly. Criteria can be as vague or specific as you desire and allow the trader to execute a news-based strategy perfectly optimized for their individual needs. Choose from a number of trading pairs and specify exactly what position size, direction and leverage you desire, BlackSwan AI allows the trader to perfectly customize their strategy according to their risk appetite and overall outlook.

BlackSwan AI is the perfect tool for the cautiously optimistic trader who sees a bright future in the markets but wishes to protect themselves against the threat of sudden and destabilizing news markets have become all to accustomsed to since 2022. This is a must-have tool in the arsenal of a smart investor in 2023, allowing you to build positions for the next bull run while hedging and managing risk in the wisest possible way. Sleep soundly and profit with BlackSwan AI.


Phase 1

Free trial period and Proof of Concept release | Marketing and awareness Phase

BlackSwan AI will be released with a free trial version available to the public to demonstrate its power and potential. The software will connect to a validation server during this Phase and will be deactivated upon the release of Phase 2. Out of the box, BlackSwan AI will come pre-configured with the criteria shown in the screenshot above and allow users to get a feel for optimizing their own strategy and using the bot to their advantage. During this Phase we will begin a coordinated campaign on crypto Twitter and across Telegram and communicate with various influencers and private insider groups interested in promoting the project.

Phase 2

Token Requirement/monetization, Twitter monitoring, support for linear trading pairs, greater variety of programmable settings, support for Take Profit/Stop Loss (TP/SL)

Free trial versions of BlackSwan AI will be disabled and a premium version available exclusively to token holders will be released, requiring holdings of 50,000 $BLACKSWAN tokens or 0.5% of the total supply. We will be adding support for monitoring Twitter feeds of prominent figures and news sources for the fastest access to information possible. Phase 2 will see added support for linear trading pairs giving users the option to choose between futures pairs requiring USD as collateral or coins such as BTC or ETH. There will be greater customizability with options to set varying leverage for each condition directly in the config files. Finally, during Phase 2 BlackSwan will support configuration for automatic Take Profit/Stop Loss (TP/SL) allowing users to automatically close trades once a price target has been met.

We except the release of Phase 2 within 2 weeks for the launch of BlackSwan AI.

Phase 3

Support for multiple exchanges, Telegram alerts bot and custom Twitter monitoring

Phase 3 will see added support for additional exchanges including Binance, Bitmex, Kraken and Kucoin. In this Phase we will add a Telegram Bot which connects to their instance of the bot and alerts them whenever a new story is posted, and whether a trade has been executed. We will also be adding additional settings to allow users to specify which Twitter feeds they would like the bot to monitor and analyze for news content in this Phase.

We expect the release of Phase 3 to be within 1 month of the release of the initial proof of concept launch.

Phase 4

Telegram Bot auto-setup, remote instance hosting and removing individual OpenAI API keys

In Phase 4 we will add the option for users who prefer to completely setup and monitor the trading bot within Telegram. Users will be able to communicate with a Telegram bot in DM and add conditions for trading and trading criteria to be executed once a news story returns a match. We will make use of third-party secret managers such as Google Secret Manager to allow users to safely store their API keys for usage with the bot via Telegram without sharing or broadcasting them to the developers or Telegram. During Phase 4 we will aim to integrate a central API key for OpenAI access removing the need for individual OpenAI accounts.

Phase 5

Smart sentiment analysis, historically trained predictive AI, DeFi and stock trading and Telegram channel monitoring

Smart sentiment analysis, historically trained predictive AI, DeFi and stock trading and Telegram channel monitoring.

During Phase 5 we will add an experimental feature which analyzes the content of news reports in their own right to determine how bullish or bearish they are for the cryptocurrency space and the ability to predict whether the AI believes the information will lead to a price change. To achieve we will gather market data and news reports over a historical period and create a specially trained AI model with the ability to understand the price impact of a variety of news on market price. Based on this, the AI will be able to execute trades purely based off of its own analysis of news reports without any conditions being specified by the user.

Phase 5 will also see support for DeFi trading by allowing the user to sync the bot with their own web3 wallets and make trades in DeFi tokens based off of information on crypto Twitter or public Telegram channels. Finally, in Phase 5 we will add support for platforms with trading pairs of traditional investments such as stocks, commodities and index trackers, allowing you to profit from news affecting real world businesses and major economies.

Phase 6

The future and beyond

BlackSwan AI will be a long-term endeavor and as we grow we expect the roadmap to evolve and adapt. We will be constantly looking for new possibilities for analyzing market data, sentiment and events and use the information to make smart and informed trades. As we grow along our journey you will see features being added to these lists and this roadmap itself being updated. We aim to create the ultimate trading bot for hedging against risk and using information in the public domain to our absolute advantage in the quickest manner possible.